We finished up our Pennsylvania tour at the beginning of April.  Nearly leaving unscathed from the snow, but it only fell a couple inches and cleared up quickly that we were able to make it to church in Plymouth, PA Sunday morning.  After leaving Pennsylvania we did stop back in West Virginia on our way to South Carolina.  We made our way into the hills of West Virginia where there is no cell service.  Just time to think and reflect on the beautiful wonders of God.  We held nightly services  w ith one of our supporting churches in Bergoo, WV.  Kept busy during the day with the local Senior living facilities in the area.    We were able to join in with Liberty  Baptist in Buckhannon, West Virginia for their Victory Service ending the Faith Promise Mission Conference.

 We arrived in Statesville, SC on April 12, 2016 for the Jubilee meetings at Calvary.  We were blessed to be a part of those services and hear other preachers share God’s word.  During the day we visited the local senior homes.  One of which the pastors mother in law resides.  We were told that a few people came out to listen that normally don’t join in activities.    One of the places we stopped at while in Statesville was Autumn Care.  The residents were provided with little plastic hand clappers.  Every time a song was done they would pick them up and clap for us with the clappers.  Then on the fast songs they would keep the beat with the plastic clappers.  It was a first for us but they were enjoying themselves and so were we!!

Finishing out the month of April with a full schedule in Tennessee.  We made our regular yearly stop in Leoma, TN with Victory Bapist and Senior Saints Day.  Also stopping at some of the local Nursing Homes.  We hit west Tennessee on our way to Arkansas.  We do have places we like to revisit every year and Omaha, AR is one of them.  We were able to add a couple of newly built Nursing homes to our list to visit in Harrison, AR.

On a matter of prayer concern, Roxann (MOM) is having issues with her knee that she had replaced in December.  She will be going to the Doctor when we get to Texas to have it check out.  We will update as soon as we can but in the mean time she would appreciate your prayers.

Since 2001 we have traveled 1,457,938 miles, visited 1,322,102 souls, and held 9,374 meetings.