We made it back to Texas, although when traveling and we say “we are heading back to Texas” people say “Oh, you are going home.”  Well kinda, just to pick up the mail out of the post box, but we don’t have houses that we “go home” to.  We live in campers full time and the campers are our HOME.  Last stop was in Littlefield, TX, home of Waylon Jennings.

Roxann did have a doctors appointment scheduled at the beginning of June to have her knee looked at.  Her knee cap seems to be on the side of her knee and it looks like she will require another surgery on it.  The orthopedic doctor that did the original replacement in December wants a second opinion, before proceeding with the surgery.  She couldn’t get right in to see another orthopedic doctor in Texas, but she was able to get in to one in Colorado while we were there.  He confirmed on the second opinion and she will need another surgery.  As soon as we find out when and where, we will update you.

I was very much looking forward to getting to Colorado for the summer.  There is beautiful scenery with the majestic mountains.  Sometimes you can almost not see where the mountains stop and the clouds begin.  It is also usually very cool in Colorado while we are there.  Well this year it has been hot from the get go everywhere even in Howard, CO for one of our first stops…  We were able to join with Old Paths Baptist in their Nursing Home ministry when we got there, then we went over Monarch Pass to join in with Blue Mesa’s Nursing Home ministry.  It was an encouragement to us to be able to help in these new works and support them in THEIR ministries.

We did have a super busy time in Colorado, and Laural Manor - Colorado Springs, CO
because we only get there once a year we do try and make it to everyone, although time only allows for so much.  Every time we go we seem to make more and more friends.  This time while in Fountain, CO.  One of the young men from the church followed us around to all of our homes and played the banjo with us.  Is a blessing for us to have a young person to WANT to come with us and participate.

Although we did have a great time in Colorado as we always do, it did have to come to an end.  We headed for Odessa, TX around the 19th of July.  We made stops at some of the local nursing homes while we were there.  Seeing some of the people come alive while we are singing about Jesus really encourages us and reminds us of one of the reasons why we do what we do.  The Lord has given us a great ministry, a very much needed ministry.  We do wish there were more people surrounding their lives in this ministry to be a blessing in their home areas , not necessarily in just the singing part, but the going, ministering and visiting the forgotten.

“Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” James 1:27

Seniors may not seem worth it to some people but the Lord loves them just the same, and they have a wealth of wisdom ready to share with someone who will listen and love them

Since 2001 we have traveled 1,463,870 miles, visited 1,326,628 souls, and held 9,444 meetings.