We traveled into Pennsylvania to start out August. Over the first two weeks of August, we traveled all over eastern PA, and had the opportunity to minister to lots of wonderful people in nursing homes and assisted living homes. While we were there we visited 23 locations. We always enjoy our travels to Pennsylvania, Dad Hinkle says, “If we didn’t come to PA for the great fellowship, we’d come for the FOOD!!” which always gets a rise from the people here, because the food in the north is always fantastic. The people are pretty great too…

August 13 we traveled from Moscow, PA to Fairmont, WV. Not a long drive but traveling with campers we can easily fit a 6 hour drive into 9-10 hours. Being back at our home church (Victory Baptist Church) for that Sunday was great. But, as always, we can’t stay very long, so we traveled south to Buckhannon, WV to be part of a Tent Meeting between three churches in that area. We visited nursing homes during the day and sang at the Tent Meeting at night. During those six days we visited 14 places. By that Saturday we had to load up the campers and head south to Georgia.
We arrived in South Georgia just in time for the 29th Anniversary of Victory Baptist of Thomasville, GA. We have had the opportunity to be a part of the last 14 anniversary services of their church and it’s a blessing every time. Great food, wonderful folks and fantastic fellowship. We pray that the Lord blesses them with another 29 years!!!

Over the next following weeks, we traveled between South Georgia and North Florida visiting many nursing homes and sharing the Love of God everywhere we went. You can never go wrong by simply sharing what God has done and what He is doing in your life, and encouraging others to recognize God’s plan for their lives as well.

We took a brief vacation over Labor Day to refresh ourselves. We always look forward to getting back to ministry after taking a few days off. Sometimes you realize that you need some time off to refresh but, then you countdown the days to getting ‘back in the swing of thing.’ GOD is so GOOD!!! During this time Dad and Mom Hinkle had to travel to Texas for doctor appointments. Roxann (Mom) Hinkle needed to visit the doctor to step up a time to get her new knee replacement replaced again. She has been in a lot of pain since earlier in the year when her “new knee” gave out. By the end of September we finished up our Florida/Georgia trip.

October 1st we finally made it back to Texas. We had been away from Texas since the end of July. Two months doesn’t seem like a long time, unless you haven’t gotten your during that time. With a huge stack of mail awaiting our arrival, we pulled into Decatur, TX. From Oct. 1-20 we traveled many miles and visited several nursing from Abilene to Texarkana. Our schedule in Texas many times is as busy as being in other states. There is so many nursing homes to visit and people to reach with the Gospel.

The third week of October placed us in Arkansas, between Conway and Wynne. We had the opportunity to visit some new nursing homes and break new ground in this ever exciting ministry. The last week of October we were in Lawrenceburg, TN. We held special meetings for the Victory Baptist Church of Leoma, TN that week, and went to nursing homes during the day. Fun Fact: The Lawrenceburg, TN city limits sign states that it is the “Birthplace of Southern Gospel Music.” That’s pretty interesting…

On October 28th, James “Fingers” Hinkle went in for emergency surgery. A surgery that will require 4-8 weeks of recovery time. We ask that you pray for him during his recovery time and also for the our ministry because we don’t want to slow down the schedule, but want to continue spreading the Gospel.

On November 8th, as people all over the country go to the election booth, Roxann “Mom” Hinkle goes in for her much needed knee surgery. This knee surgery is about nine months in the making. We ask you to pray for a successful surgery and recovery that will enable her travel with “Dad” Hinkle like always. But most of all God’s Will!!! He knows what we need, when we need it. He is ALWAYS faithful!!!

This December 7th will mark the 75th Anniversary of the Attack of Pearl Harbor…. But, it also is the due date of James and Kasey’s first child. They are very excited. We ask for your prayers concerning the delivery and life on the road for this baby boy soon to be born. They plan to name him “James Henry Hinkle Jr.”

Since 2001 we have traveled 1,481,763 miles, visited 1,335,607 souls, and held 9,587 meetings.