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November 2016

by hinkle_family

We traveled into Pennsylvania to start out August. Over the first two weeks of August, we traveled all over eastern PA, and had the opportunity to minister to lots of wonderful people in nursing homes and assisted living homes. While we were there we visited 23 locations. We always enjoy our travels to Pennsylvania, Dad […]

July 2016

by hinkle_family

We made it back to Texas, although when traveling and we say “we are heading back to Texas” people say “Oh, you are going home.”  Well kinda, just to pick up the mail out of the post box, but we don’t have houses that we “go home” to.  We live in campers full time and […]

May 2016

by hinkle_family

We finished up our Pennsylvania tour at the beginning of April.  Nearly leaving unscathed from the snow, but it only fell a couple inches and cleared up quickly that we were able to make it to church in Plymouth, PA Sunday morning.  After leaving Pennsylvania we did stop back in West Virginia on our way […]

March 2016

by hinkle_family

Upon leaving Texas at the end of January to head for Georgia, we had the opportunity to make a pit stop in Alabama.  To be more specific to Robertsdale, Alabama where we had to opportunity to minister to the Blessed Hope Boys Home. We took a tour around the facilities and got to see where […]

December 2015

by hinkle_family

The year has come to a close. Lots of people and places have been visited, many miles have been traveled.  Many great new friends have been made.  As we look back through the year we wonder who might have been touched by one of our services?  Is it worth driving thousands of miles even if […]

Roxann’s knee surgery 

by hinkle_family

Roxann is out of surgery and recovery.  Everything went well.  Remember her as she goes through physical therapy.  Please continue to pray for continued healing and recovery.