Roxann’s knee surgery update – 11-22-15

Roxann’s knee surgery has been rescheduled for December 15, 2015.  Please pray that the pre-surgery appointment goes well that the surgery can take place on the 15th.  We very much appreciate the continued prayers in this concern.  I will keep you updated.  – ARH

Roxann’s knee surgery update – 10-13-15

Roxann had a doctors appointment yesterday morning and every thing is a go for surgery. She will be going in Thursday(10-15-15) morning at 6:15am.  Keep her in your prayers and we will update Thursday after her surgery is completed. -Amy

Roxann’s knee surgery update – 9-28-15

Roxann has been to the doctor today in Graham, TX.  Her knee surgery has been scheduled for October 15, 2015 as that is the earliest surgery opening for the doctor.  Please keep her in your prayers till the day gets here that her pain is elevated and also in your prayers after for her recovery.  She would greatly appreciate it.  As soon as we get more updates I’ll let you know.

Roxann’s knee surgery update – 7-9-15

As most of you know mom (Roxann) was scheduled to have knee surgery when we got to Colorado.  Through delay’s with the insurance company, the surgery was going to be delayed a couple weeks not leaving enough time for recovery.  Pray for her as she is still in pain and pray that she is able to work it out to have it done somewhere else where she will have plenty of recovery time.