November 2016

We traveled into Pennsylvania to start out August. Over the first two weeks of August, we traveled all over eastern PA, and had the opportunity to minister to lots of wonderful people in nursing homes and assisted living homes. While we were there we visited 23 locations. We always enjoy our travels to Pennsylvania, Dad Hinkle says, “If we didn’t come to PA for the great fellowship, we’d come for the FOOD!!” which always gets a rise from the people here, because the food in the north is always fantastic. The people are pretty great too…

August 13 we traveled from Moscow, PA to Fairmont, WV. Not a long drive but traveling with campers we can easily fit a 6 hour drive into 9-10 hours. Being back at our home church (Victory Baptist Church) for that Sunday was great. But, as always, we can’t stay very long, so we traveled south to Buckhannon, WV to be part of a Tent Meeting between three churches in that area. We visited nursing homes during the day and sang at the Tent Meeting at night. During those six days we visited 14 places. By that Saturday we had to load up the campers and head south to Georgia.
We arrived in South Georgia just in time for the 29th Anniversary of Victory Baptist of Thomasville, GA. We have had the opportunity to be a part of the last 14 anniversary services of their church and it’s a blessing every time. Great food, wonderful folks and fantastic fellowship. We pray that the Lord blesses them with another 29 years!!!

Over the next following weeks, we traveled between South Georgia and North Florida visiting many nursing homes and sharing the Love of God everywhere we went. You can never go wrong by simply sharing what God has done and what He is doing in your life, and encouraging others to recognize God’s plan for their lives as well.

We took a brief vacation over Labor Day to refresh ourselves. We always look forward to getting back to ministry after taking a few days off. Sometimes you realize that you need some time off to refresh but, then you countdown the days to getting ‘back in the swing of thing.’ GOD is so GOOD!!! During this time Dad and Mom Hinkle had to travel to Texas for doctor appointments. Roxann (Mom) Hinkle needed to visit the doctor to step up a time to get her new knee replacement replaced again. She has been in a lot of pain since earlier in the year when her “new knee” gave out. By the end of September we finished up our Florida/Georgia trip.

October 1st we finally made it back to Texas. We had been away from Texas since the end of July. Two months doesn’t seem like a long time, unless you haven’t gotten your during that time. With a huge stack of mail awaiting our arrival, we pulled into Decatur, TX. From Oct. 1-20 we traveled many miles and visited several nursing from Abilene to Texarkana. Our schedule in Texas many times is as busy as being in other states. There is so many nursing homes to visit and people to reach with the Gospel.

The third week of October placed us in Arkansas, between Conway and Wynne. We had the opportunity to visit some new nursing homes and break new ground in this ever exciting ministry. The last week of October we were in Lawrenceburg, TN. We held special meetings for the Victory Baptist Church of Leoma, TN that week, and went to nursing homes during the day. Fun Fact: The Lawrenceburg, TN city limits sign states that it is the “Birthplace of Southern Gospel Music.” That’s pretty interesting…

On October 28th, James “Fingers” Hinkle went in for emergency surgery. A surgery that will require 4-8 weeks of recovery time. We ask that you pray for him during his recovery time and also for the our ministry because we don’t want to slow down the schedule, but want to continue spreading the Gospel.

On November 8th, as people all over the country go to the election booth, Roxann “Mom” Hinkle goes in for her much needed knee surgery. This knee surgery is about nine months in the making. We ask you to pray for a successful surgery and recovery that will enable her travel with “Dad” Hinkle like always. But most of all God’s Will!!! He knows what we need, when we need it. He is ALWAYS faithful!!!

This December 7th will mark the 75th Anniversary of the Attack of Pearl Harbor…. But, it also is the due date of James and Kasey’s first child. They are very excited. We ask for your prayers concerning the delivery and life on the road for this baby boy soon to be born. They plan to name him “James Henry Hinkle Jr.”

Since 2001 we have traveled 1,481,763 miles, visited 1,335,607 souls, and held 9,587 meetings.

July 2016

We made it back to Texas, although when traveling and we say “we are heading back to Texas” people say “Oh, you are going home.”  Well kinda, just to pick up the mail out of the post box, but we don’t have houses that we “go home” to.  We live in campers full time and the campers are our HOME.  Last stop was in Littlefield, TX, home of Waylon Jennings.

Roxann did have a doctors appointment scheduled at the beginning of June to have her knee looked at.  Her knee cap seems to be on the side of her knee and it looks like she will require another surgery on it.  The orthopedic doctor that did the original replacement in December wants a second opinion, before proceeding with the surgery.  She couldn’t get right in to see another orthopedic doctor in Texas, but she was able to get in to one in Colorado while we were there.  He confirmed on the second opinion and she will need another surgery.  As soon as we find out when and where, we will update you.

I was very much looking forward to getting to Colorado for the summer.  There is beautiful scenery with the majestic mountains.  Sometimes you can almost not see where the mountains stop and the clouds begin.  It is also usually very cool in Colorado while we are there.  Well this year it has been hot from the get go everywhere even in Howard, CO for one of our first stops…  We were able to join with Old Paths Baptist in their Nursing Home ministry when we got there, then we went over Monarch Pass to join in with Blue Mesa’s Nursing Home ministry.  It was an encouragement to us to be able to help in these new works and support them in THEIR ministries.

We did have a super busy time in Colorado, and Laural Manor - Colorado Springs, CO
because we only get there once a year we do try and make it to everyone, although time only allows for so much.  Every time we go we seem to make more and more friends.  This time while in Fountain, CO.  One of the young men from the church followed us around to all of our homes and played the banjo with us.  Is a blessing for us to have a young person to WANT to come with us and participate.

Although we did have a great time in Colorado as we always do, it did have to come to an end.  We headed for Odessa, TX around the 19th of July.  We made stops at some of the local nursing homes while we were there.  Seeing some of the people come alive while we are singing about Jesus really encourages us and reminds us of one of the reasons why we do what we do.  The Lord has given us a great ministry, a very much needed ministry.  We do wish there were more people surrounding their lives in this ministry to be a blessing in their home areas , not necessarily in just the singing part, but the going, ministering and visiting the forgotten.

“Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” James 1:27

Seniors may not seem worth it to some people but the Lord loves them just the same, and they have a wealth of wisdom ready to share with someone who will listen and love them

Since 2001 we have traveled 1,463,870 miles, visited 1,326,628 souls, and held 9,444 meetings.

May 2016

We finished up our Pennsylvania tour at the beginning of April.  Nearly leaving unscathed from the snow, but it only fell a couple inches and cleared up quickly that we were able to make it to church in Plymouth, PA Sunday morning.  After leaving Pennsylvania we did stop back in West Virginia on our way to South Carolina.  We made our way into the hills of West Virginia where there is no cell service.  Just time to think and reflect on the beautiful wonders of God.  We held nightly services  w ith one of our supporting churches in Bergoo, WV.  Kept busy during the day with the local Senior living facilities in the area.    We were able to join in with Liberty  Baptist in Buckhannon, West Virginia for their Victory Service ending the Faith Promise Mission Conference.

 We arrived in Statesville, SC on April 12, 2016 for the Jubilee meetings at Calvary.  We were blessed to be a part of those services and hear other preachers share God’s word.  During the day we visited the local senior homes.  One of which the pastors mother in law resides.  We were told that a few people came out to listen that normally don’t join in activities.    One of the places we stopped at while in Statesville was Autumn Care.  The residents were provided with little plastic hand clappers.  Every time a song was done they would pick them up and clap for us with the clappers.  Then on the fast songs they would keep the beat with the plastic clappers.  It was a first for us but they were enjoying themselves and so were we!!

Finishing out the month of April with a full schedule in Tennessee.  We made our regular yearly stop in Leoma, TN with Victory Bapist and Senior Saints Day.  Also stopping at some of the local Nursing Homes.  We hit west Tennessee on our way to Arkansas.  We do have places we like to revisit every year and Omaha, AR is one of them.  We were able to add a couple of newly built Nursing homes to our list to visit in Harrison, AR.

On a matter of prayer concern, Roxann (MOM) is having issues with her knee that she had replaced in December.  She will be going to the Doctor when we get to Texas to have it check out.  We will update as soon as we can but in the mean time she would appreciate your prayers.

Since 2001 we have traveled 1,457,938 miles, visited 1,322,102 souls, and held 9,374 meetings.


March 2016


Upon leaving Texas at the end of January to head for Georgia, we had the opportunity to make a pit stop in Alabama.  To be more specific to Robertsdale, Alabama where we had to opportunity to minister to the Blessed Hope Boys Home. We took a tour around the facilities and got to see where the boys live, go to school, and do chapel.  It’s wonderful to see first hand how God has blessed and is continuing to bless the work there.  While we stayed for a couple days on the grounds we visited a near by nursing home.  A group of older boys came with us to visit the Seniors and sing for the residents.  The seniors always brighten up at any child that comes to see them.  A lot of the seniors don’t get many visits,  if they get any at all.

We made it to Sun City Center, Florida at the beginning of February to visit what we call the golf cart capital of the world.   While there, we made it to the area nursing homes and we were also with New Beginning Baptist in Wimauma.  They have started a radio ministry out of their church to put out the Gospel to the surrounding area.

After we left Florida we headed to South Carolina.  There are some nursing homes there that we have been going since the start of our ministry on the road.   One in particular is Mountain View Nursing in Spartanburg, SC.  We were going there since before Lydia was born.  A lady I was talking to told me, ‘I remember when you were here for Lydia’s first birthday.’  The residents had thrown a party for her so they could see her dig in to her first cake with her hands.  The more I talked to her the more she was telling me about how much she remembered.  She wanted to know if we still traveled in that big bus we used to pull up in.  She could remember sitting by the front doors waiting for us to pull in the drive with the bus.  She was excited for us to hear that we now traveled in campers and that each family had their own.  She had a disability that made her wheel chair bound and that she needed help in everyday living of things that we probably take for granted that we can do on our own.  It made me sad to hear her story, she told me she had been living there for 50 plus years.  I didn’t ask her age but she looked like she was in her sixties, so I guess with her disability her parents couldn’t take care of her and she had lived there at a very young age.SC Nursing

We just finished up our Faith Promise Mission’s Conference at our home church, Victory Baptist in Fairmont, WV.  We had such a great time.  We were super busy with visiting the nursing homes in the area during the day, then church in the evening.  I always enjoy watching other missionaries presentations and hearing what God has plans for them to do.

Since 2001 we have ministered to 1,313,575 people, held 9,246 meetings and traveled 1,445,863 miles.


The Hinkle Family

December 2015

The year has come to a close. Lots of people and places have been visited, many miles have been traveled.  Many great new friends have been made.  As we look back through the year we wonder who might have been touched by one of our services?  Is it worth driving thousands of miles even if we only encourage one person?   Well yes, yes it is.  Even if just for that one person it’s always worth the visit.  No matter what ministry you are in, you may not realize who you affect and encourage with God’s word.  We may not find out right away but we will find out when we get to Heaven.

There are still so many people that we visit that don’t get visitors very much at all.  It is heart breaking and we are glad we can go and encourage them.  In seeing that, one prayer request that we would have would be to see other families go out in the same ministry to encourage seniors.  “Honor widows that are widows indeed….. I Timothy 5:3”   We don’t have enough time in one year to get around to everyone.  Having other families doing what we do could really spread God’s love and encouragement.  A good start is to branch out with churches that don’t already have a ministry through their church.  Our goal is to have local churches start and continue ministries at their local homes.

Looking back through the year we had the privilege to take part in an old fashion tent revival in Buckhannon, WV.  Every night more and more people came to attend the meetings we were singing at.  Even though a couple of the nights it looked like it could just pour at any minute, people still showed and became more in number.  Lately Dad has been doing ‘Name that Tune’ and a lady in particular from an assisted living we went to in Abilene, TX came up to me after and said she dated Dan Blocker (Hoss from Bonanza) in college.  Then we always hear from seniors about their kids just dropping them off and never coming back to see them or bring their grandkids.  Even when we go in to visit seniors that may have Alzheimer’s or dementia, when you bring up God or start singing hymns they perk up and remember.  We went to a memory care unit in Jefferson, TN that was just that way.  We went in and the seniors were just there doing a small activity with the worker almost looking like even though they were sitting there, they weren’t really there. As soon as we started singing hymns they came alive, started singing with us and had light in their eyes.  Even though minds may fail our God is unforgettable no matter what state we are in.

Over the last year since January 1, 2015 we have traveled about 38,000 miles.  We have visited 136,012 people, and held 472 services.  Since the beginning of our travel in 2001 we have traveled 1,438,477 miles.  We have visited 1,271,736 people and held 9, 157 services in 28 states.

Roxann’s knee surgery 

Roxann is out of surgery and recovery.  Everything went well.  Remember her as she goes through physical therapy.  Please continue to pray for continued healing and recovery.

Roxann’s Knee Surgery update 12-14-2015

Well, the day is finally here.  Roxann was cleared for knee replacement surgery today and she goes in around 6am for preparation.  Please keep her in your prayers.  The doctor said it will take about an hour and half for the surgery and she will be in recovery for a couple hours after that.   Thanks for your prayers.